End of May with kids

Where did the time go? I can't believe it's May and the school year is almost over. Laura will then be a fourth grader and Jason will be a pre schooler.  So much happened since September, but one thing remains the same which is our bond of love.

Jason and Laura have learned many new things and matured.  Laura has learned how to juggle extra curricular activities with homework and time for herself.  She learned that sometimes you need to stop an activity because it's too much.  She is now a green belt in karate and soon promoted to first degree green belt.  Laura struggled with math this school year which is one of her strongest subjects in testing.  She has worked hard and met goals that she set. Laura has even strengthened her vocabulary and reading levels that were already high for her age.  She completed the Harry Potter series amoung many other chapter books.  Laura has had high honors and honors all year.

Laura has blossomed socially and in shyness. On her own, she joined a city wide spelling bee and hung in there strong.  She sounded great on the microphone.  She performed in dance and choir recitals.  Laura had friends sleepover and slept over friends houses.  Laura is an amazing big sister.  She loves Jason so much - too much at times but he lets her know.  Laura handled my breast cancer diagnosis stronger and with more grace than I ever imagined. She wanted to know everything and was there each step of the way with love and concern.

Jason has also made tremendous strides this school year.  His vocabulary and sentence structure has increased considerably.  He can count, recognize numbers, has a terrific memory, looking at books, imaginary play, learning how to be kind to our pets, being social. He can now dress himself including shoes.  He's still working on the potty but I know he will master it soon. Jason has friends and plays nicely.  He helps with simple tasks around the house.  Jason likes to help me and we play everyday.  

Jason uses interesting terminology.  When he is on the verge of needing a time out, we count as a warning - 1-2-3.  Well, one day, he said,"don't talk numbers" and "we aren't talking numbers today!"  He likes to see the lobsters at the grocery store and a fanatic for lollipops. Jason loves cars and trains.  Most recently, he's into the transformers.  Jason has a great sense of humor and can make anyone smile.

We've had lots of ups and downs this year.  I found out I had cancer after a long line of tests then a biopsy. Then they thought they had it all, only to find out I had more resulting in a lumpectomy and eventually a bi lateral mastectomy.  That is all behind us now and I'm doing great.  We had to put our beloved Lucky to sleep.  She was a dog I've had for 15 years.  Then, we adopted Sasha who is spunky and cuddly making us all smile again.

Jeff graduated nursing school and soon will be completely licensed.  Our marriage has been through many tests and great sadness.  It hasn't been a complete honeymoon but we pulled out from every fire stronger and wiser.  Our underlying love is always there but need to keep it nourished with any time we can.  We are on the same side even if every disaster wants to pull us apart.

I still have the same attendants who have stood by me through the darkest times.  They helped take care of me and my family.  Never let me down or waivered even as my needs changed medically.  I'm forever grateful them making me independent and strong.

I think we are all looking forward to a relaxing but enjoyable summer!



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