Thursday, May 26, 2016

What an accessible playground would do

When I was young, an accessible playground wasn't heard of or a thought.  I would sit on the sidelines and imagine being on the playground but that's all I could do -- imagine.  Now imagination has become reality for many playgrounds with only one roadblock in the way which is money. Accessible playgrounds are possible, but sadly, they are expensive. 

My town is in a contest to have one of our local playgrounds become an accessible playground. This will allow any child to have fun and be included. This will allow parents that have disabilities, like myself, to independently accompany their child to the playground. No more sitting on the sidelines but being in the action.

If you read my blog always or a new reader today, please do me a favor and click on the link to vote.  You can vote today and tomorrow. Then if you're kind enough, share the link or maybe this post to your social media sites to continue getting the votes.  

You aren't just helping me and my children, but many children and parents after me that can enjoy and participate. Voting is easy and you'll feel great helping others!

To vote, please click 
Vote for accessible playground


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