Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A letter to a mom carrying a baby with a disability

Dear mom who learned that she is carrying a baby who has a disability,

Congratulations!!! You are about to embark on the biggest rewarding journey of your life. As a mom of two, I know the doctors will try to scare you, frustrate you and put guilt on you to abort your baby. Even though my children don't have special needs, I'm considered a high risk case due to my age and disability and they tried that act on my babies. All you need to ask them is how will they can help the ,baby instead of killing them and then you'll get real answers.

Yes, I know the statistics that one in every three babies with a disability is aborted.  And they'll tell you the baby is better off and won't suffer anymore. But that doesn't mean it has to be your baby. Right now your baby is living inside you, growing, learning and experiencing. They aren't suffering, but they are living the life that they were given to the best of their ability.  Your baby does deserve every chance to live and let the rest of the world know their beautiful soul just like any other baby. Even if their time is limited due to their disability, it is their time to shine, teach, and be in the arms of love.

You did nothing wrong to deserve a baby with a disability. You didn't make your baby have a disability. Now is not the time for guilt. Now is the time to rejoice, learn and live.  You're unique and have super powers that you haven't even tapped into yet.  You have a chance to witness wonderful miracles each day even the tiniest miracles should be celebrated.  You are not only a powerful mom, but you can offer support, guidance and love like no other.  You get a backstage pass to the most awesome miracle of life that is about to unfold.

Unfortunately, there will be people that want to knock you down, knock your child down and try to make both of you feel worthless.  Chin up because what they knock down is far from worthless.  It's their loss to miss out on both of you and definitely their mistake - not yours.

Your baby within you is perfect. They might have challenges, but they also have amazing talents and gifts.  We all need help but it doesn't make someone any less human. Some days will be very difficult but most days will be joyous. The love between the both of you will only grow to do beautiful things.

Don't be fooled by those wanting you to abort your precious baby.  They don't realize how beautiful your baby actually is and that they deserve a chance to change the world. Go for it, Mom! You can and will do terrific- just like your son or daughter!  



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