Wednesday, June 22, 2016

It's summer time

I'm back again for anyone who might have missed my ramblings.  I've been sick - yes, again - and drained of energy. By the time errands were run, activities finished, and kid programs were complete, writing was in my head but too tired to do it. After two weeks of full on congestion, lack of appetite and tiredness, my husband pushed me to go to the doctor's after a cough had started.

I resisted because I didn't want to her I had a sinus infection again.  I was holding on hope that it was just a very slow moving cold. To my surprise, the doctor not only told me sinus infection but also fluid in both of my ears! She was happy that I had come in, and we both determined that I will most likely not have a normal cold again. She prescribed amoxicillin and cough medicine.

I'm on the mend now, and I know I'm feeling better since I'm here writing.   Last Thursday was Laura's last day of school. She ended the school year with high honors and the fine arts award.  She missed having the one hundred percent award because she was told to stop talking only one time all year.  I felt bad for her, but maybe next year.  Laura felt happy to be finished but thought the school year went way too fast!

We've been busy so far, and I believe the summer will fly. Jason has went on trips with his dad, my dad and Jeff's dad to various trains and train exhibits.  Laura and Jason slept over their aunt and uncle's with Jeffs mom and saw the Chinese festival. We already went to a couple of fairs. Last Wednesday we went to a free outdoor concert and going again tonight. We went to see Finding Dory which will be another blog. And lots of swimming!

Jason started swim lessons last Monday.  He has come a long way because he was terrified in the beginning. Today Jason went under the water, did a back float, jumped in and swam some.  I'm so happy for him.  I believe strongly in teaching young kids to swim due to safety, and also for fun.

Jason has also joined a soccer program.  He's very cute because he is the youngest. He has an excellent kick and can hold a ball with his foot. Sometimes he gets distracted and doesn't always follow the directions.  It sure is cute to watch.

Jason has camp approaching. Laura is doing karate, swimming and wants to keep up academically. She asked me to homeschool her and I happily said yes. Laura will be busy reading with her kindle my dad got her for high grades. We are also doing well growing tomatoes and other plants. And I'm sure we will be doing other activities that come up.

My goal this summer is to fill the kids with wonderful memories of growth and being together. 


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