Thursday, June 23, 2016

Jason's first movie Finding Dory

I missed going to Laura's first movie.  Jeff and I were still dating and he was new to sentimental mommy things. On a day that I wasn't feeling good, he nicely offered to take her out for a few hours so I could rest. Laura was two but pretty mature at two.  He didn't quite know what to do so he took her to the movie, Toy Story 2.  Needless to say, I sure gave him a talking to about taking her to her first movie. But she loved every second of it!

When I was pregnant with Jason, I said no way would I miss out on his first movie.  On Monday, I made true to my promise and we all went to Finding Dory. I was reluctant to take him since he can be a handful if he became bored. Jeff packed plenty of snacks for Jason.  He sat in between Laura and Jeff. He was totally engrossed with the trailers, mini movie and the feature. Towards the end, he sat in Jeff's lap because he was tired.  When I laughed at the movie, he told me to,"shhhh!"

How did he do so good? We talked to him about what was going to happen and how he needed to be quiet. Jason was also so into the movie that he didn't have time to act out.  Jason did great!

On the way home, Laura told him,"In all of the movies that she ever saw that this one was the best because she was with him!" Talk about melt my heart.  Jason told me he loved it and it was awesome! He did great acting out scenes and loved the octopus.

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