Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The gorilla verses the boy

Children and animals both have a soft spot in our hearts. They are both helpless and vulnerable.  But something happened this week that I never would expect. Many people in society are choosing an animal over the safety of a three year old child.  How and why did this happen?

Yes, gorillas are rare, precious and just amazing animals.  They are one of my favorites, and they're fascinating.  I would never support killing a gorilla for fun or sport.  Animal abuse is beyond disturbing.  However, if a human being is at risk of major bodily harm or death, we need to protect ourselves and our children by whatever means possible.

I read that someone saw the child and could've grabbed him out of harms way. But our society also fears consequences of talking to other children - but please speak up if a child will be harmed.  Also, I hope the boy is sternly talked to about running away from his parents, going into restricted area and putting lives at stake. Poor gorilla had to pay the price.

A gorilla is a wild animal who is strong and completely unpredictable.  If my son somehow ended up in this situation, I'd hope people would tell him no and grab him, but if too late - be rooting for my child's safety.  Instead people are concerned how, who, when and why immediately.True, valuable questions but if for the right reasons - to protect people and animals - not to blame a mother, zoo or children.

Yes, we have all seen children not behaving and parents obvilious to the behavior. It's annoying and scary.  I know I'm not perfect but I do my best to keep my children in check. But this doesn't mean to bash a mother most of us don't even know.  If someone wanted to bash me in my weakest moment, they're being completely unfair and not seeing my true self.

The fact is human life is more valuable than a gorilla. I know it's horribly sad to see any living creature die, but sometimes it's a sad reality at times. Let's stop blaming and start problem solving that this will never happen again. Let's start educating children and go from there. 


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