Jason and camp

Jason has been having so much fun at camp.  The camp is at the YMCA and for children age 3-5. The first day that he went, he wanted to go right back to camp.  It's half day and only in the mornings. After his first few days, I signed him up for a few more weeks too.

I'm happy that he likes camp so much because he will be attending preschool in September. Camp was a good way to determine how well he would do going to pre school. So far so good!  I like that he is doing crafts, listening to stories, playing outside and other fun activities.  He also tells me all about it proudly.  

Jason is changing day by day and so is his vocabulary.  We can't help but smile from the things that he comes out with.  Our two biggest struggles with Jason are potty training is taking forever and he likes to beat up his sister. Even though Laura is going on ten years old, he still tries to kick, push, bite and anything else to her.  She is very patient and forgiving but it still is a tough situation.

I know we will survive each stage and make it.  It just takes love, patience and discipline. We will survive. 



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