Laura's first Phillies baseball game

On Saturday, we had the fortunate experience to take Laura to see her first Phillies game. Back in October, a friend won tickets and he gave them to us.  We almost took Jason too but we knew he wouldn't be able to sit through a whole game.  I was lucky enough to have a friend of mine babysit him.  Jeff's dad also went with us which made it great for Laura because he taught her things about the game that I didn't even know.

Laura seemed rather nonchalant about going. She thought that she might be bored, but she got all dressed for it. I told her that many people do not even get a chance to attend a game. I said to her to take in the whole experience, and it'll be something that she'll remember always.

Citizen's Bank Park is only about a forty five minute drive, but traffic makes it a lot longer.  We arrived early though and parking in accessible parking was a breeze.  As we pulled up to the stadium, I could see that Laura's excitement grew. She sat up taller, looked around and asked questions. Laura kept saying that she couldn't believe that she was actually there!

Laura and I walked to our seats and as we did we saw hugs pictures of baseball players. We enjoyed saying their names. Luckily, we had terrific seats at the 100 level.  Laura was in awe about how close we sat to the baseball field.  Jeff took me to a family bathroom, and we were pleasantly surprised how big and clean it was.  No problem of accessibility at Citizen's Bank Park!

Since we were early, we walked to a store.  Laura really wanted a foam hand that she could put on and cheer the team on.  At first, we said no because it seemed expensive for what it was. But then I thought if this is something really important to her and will remember the rest of her life, it's worth it.  I bought it and she was very happy with it and used it throughout the game.

For being a July game, the weather couldn't have been any better.  It was overcast, light breeze, low humidity and comfortable.  It could've been so much worse!  Laura was engaged the entire game and not once complained about anything.  She ate a pulled pork sandwich and loved it. She also gave me plenty of hugs and kisses! I had the biggest hot dog of my life and could barely eat half.

Unfortunately, the Phillies lost but after the game, there were fireworks! Again, you couldn't have had better seats or weather. The fireworks were amazing and went great with the music.  It was no problem getting back to the van.

The next day Laura told me that it was the best night of her life!!! Thank you Philadelphia Phillies!


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