Saturday, July 2, 2016

Shopping with Laura

When I learned that I was having a girl, my heart felt beyond thrilled.  One activity I looked forward to was shopping with her when she grew. Now that she is nine, Laura and I are definitely a great shopping team!

This week we went to King Of Prussia Plaza.  We enjoyed the Primark store where they have an excellent collection of clothes and some home goods for great prices.  I enjoy just sitting back and seeing what clothes interest her. One thing that I learned from being a mom of a daughter is to keep comments to yourself.  

For a long time, I would push pink on Laura because I liked it.  Then for the longest time, Laura said she hated pink. I always suspected that some of that was to spite me or seek her own independent style.  So, you can imagine my delight when she mostly picked out pink clothing.

Laura picked out a pink dress, pink shirt, pink hoodie, pink sandals and accessories! I tried to act as cool and nonchalant as possible without shouting, " You look awesome and beautiful in pink!" Instead I simply said things like, "Nice choice," and "Looks good." I loved hearing her commentary on prices, styles and colors. I liked hearing that she picked up some of my shopping tricks.

Laura can handle my credit card and does well handling buying things. We make a great team together and looking for many more trips together.


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