Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Turkey Hill Experience

A few weeks ago, Jeff and I took the kids to the Turkey Hill Experience in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  I heard about it awhile ago, but we never got there. So, we finally set off and went on our way.

The drive wasn't bad at all and quite relaxing. Well, all except my husband living on the edge and trying to get there on an almost empty gas tank. But, none the less, we arrived in one piece and ready for our experience. 

The first thing we noticed was a gigantic cow outside the building.  Jason seemed afraid of the cow when we tried to take a picture of us in front.  I think it intimidated him being so big.  I'm the same way, but the cow didn't bother me.

Once inside, you are in the gift shop.  This is where you buy tickets for the experience or the experience and the tasting lab. We decided with Jason, the tasting lab would be too much.  After we purchased our tickets, we went upstairs in the elevator.

The experience is a go at your own pace and all on one floor.   It has several activities for children of all ages. My children especially liked the ball pit. Towards the end they have a five minute video that you can watch all about the process in making ice cream. 

 Our favorite part was getting unlimited samples of ice cream and iced tea.  Jason ate vanilla and offered to feed me some.  He even drank out of a regular plastic cup some fruit punch. We were all amazed at how well he did!  Laura found a new favorite ice cream - rocky road!

The accessibility was very good and price seemed about right. 


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