Biking with my children

Last Christmas, Jeff bought Jason a balance bike. They are bikes without pedals to teach your child how to balance.  He wasn't quite into it at two years old. However, when Jason turned three and the weather became warmer, Jason caught on quickly.  Now he's a little pro on his balance bike.

Jason and I have a little routine that we both look forward to. After lunch, I take him on a bike ride around our neighborhood. It's a good way to exercise, get fresh air and spend time together.  We both like it. I like hearing his comments about different things. Now Halloween decorations are up, he tells me all about it.  He especially likes a house that has a giant blow up cat, pumpkin and hearse. They also have a giant black spider on the house.

This past summer there was a piece of the sidewalk that had sunken in. He would always tell me to be careful as we past it. They fixed it and now each time we pass it, he asks me if I like the new sidewalk!  I soak these moments in because in a few short years, Jason will be in kindergarten all day.  I love our conversations.

Laura has always wanted to ride a bike.  I gotten her many bikes and we have tried. Jeff tried, my brother and dad had all tried to teach her, but with no such luck.  On her tenth birthday, her uncle texted me about getting Laura a bike.  I explained that maybe he could try to teach her. He surprised her with the perfect size black and pink bike with helmet!

He came every week for about a month to teach Laura. Just like that it clicked!  She can now ride. The first time I watched her, I was in disbelief to what I was seeing.  Laura had such an amazing smile and so proud of herself. I am so grateful for her uncle to teach her.


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