Potty training tips

Every child is different. Whenever a parent potty trains their child, everyone seems to have an opinion, experience or idea.  Laura was easy to potty train because she was mentally ready and enthusiastic.  Her body wasn't quite ready and that was the hardest part. Jason wanted nothing to do with potty training.  At first, he seemed a bit excited but it was short lived.

We tried everything!  By the time he was three and a half, I felt determined to potty train him before he went to pre school. I knew that he could use the potty, but I had to get him there.  While looking up techniques online, I stumbled on the Three Day Potty Training site. Her video enticed you but the online book seemed way too expensive.  I thought if I had to spend the money, it'll be worth it but I checked out Amazon.  Low and behold, it was a lot cheaper so I bought it for my Kindle.

I read the book within about twenty minutes.  And, the method is so simple and made complete sense that you're left thinking- why didn't I think of that?   I discussed it with Jeff who agreed it sounded like a great idea.  We couldn't start immediately. We had to buy incentive toys, small rewards, marbles and lots more underwear.  I also started on a Monday and week that I knew I could give complete attention to training.

Long story short- it worked wonders. It took him a little longer than three days but paitience, consistently and kindness got us through.  Below is the method we used, and I hung it in our kitchen for everyone helping Jason. Best tip I know is don't use pull ups - they slow the process.  If we didn't use them, I bet Jason would've been potty trained so much quicker.

Three Day Potty Training 

Monday to Thursday but might be longer 

We need to not go anywhere with Jason for three days. No errands etc.
Monday morning - he throws away his pull up and then together, we gather all of the pull ups and diapers in the house,car and diaper bag to donate for other families.  He helpsand we tell him that diapers are for babies and Jason is a big boy.
Jason wears underwear and comfy, easy clothes.
We show Jason a new toy that he wants on the counter and a small jar with marbles. When he uses the potty, we let him put the marble in the jar. When the jar is full,  he gets the toy.
When Jason seems to begin an accident,  take him to the bathroom ASAP. 
Never be negative. If an accident happens, we simply say, "Jason, remember to tell me when you need to use the potty."
He can get stickers after using the potty..
Our job is to watch Jason and recognize signs of needing to go. We never just sit on the potty to try because that frustrates him.
If he resists sitting on the potty, then just get him into the bathroom.  Never use force or sound mad.  After awhile, he will get comfortable.
We push liquids to get him to go. We want him to go lots so he practices and learns
He should go before and after nap. Hold back liquids before sleep.
The biggest key is never show frustration or anger. Only praise!!  Even if he has 20 accidents a day.
For going poo, he will receive a "magic wand" to hold when he sits and it won't be scary.
Jason can and will do this! We just need to keep positive, focused and be with him!



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