Sunday, March 26, 2017

10 Ways To Motivate Keeping Rooms Clean

Motivating my children to clean up isn't always the easiest. But teaching them how to clean is so important for helping you manage your home and to learn life lessons. As I write this, my daughter had to take a nap all of a sudden instead of cleaning her room.  So, I'm no expert, however, I have had success and still learning to have more success too.

  1. Keep it simple - Anyone gets overwhelmed seeing a complete disaster. Break it down by doing the easy part first, like trash and laundry, and go from there.
  2. Be a role model - Keep your area clean especially your room. If you don't keep clean, your children will not want to or think that they should keep theirs clean. 
  3. Have storage containers - Items need a home. Make sure you have enough containers for your children's items and toys.
  4. Start tossing - You and your children should purge the things that you no longer need, use or want.  Keeping things simple will only help when cleaning. Think about this when you do your closets with clothes too.
  5. Do a 20 minute clean - Each day, you and your kids clean for twenty minutes as fast and efficient as you can. Make it fun and do it before you all sit down to watch TV. TV is a great motivator for a child at any age!
  6. Choose wisely - When you're shopping, try to think if you or your kids really need whatever the item or clothes might be. Just remember when you have more, you will need to put it in a space and clean it up.
  7. Get something, donate something- When they get a new toy or clothes, you donate something. Same goes for mom and dad!
  8. Ten toys - Only put ten items in a bin for your child to play with for the week. This makes playing and clean up much easier.
  9. Encourage each other - Encourage everyone to keep tidy and do their best work.
  10. Have a checklist - You can put a checklist in everyone's room that they must do before television away - such as Clothes away, Dirty clothes in the laundry, Floor empty, Trash in trash can etc.

I use a combination of all of these, but I need to implement all of them more consistently.  Are you ready for the challenge? To buy great organization items, please check out my Thirty One Page -


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