Tuesday, April 4, 2017

20 Things To Do With Your Kids That They Will Love

Children aren't very complicated as we make them to be. They are learning constantly and their future is shaping right in front of us. Adults tend to believe that we need to over schedule or over indulge children.  Or, sometimes parents just give the kids technology and hope they're quiet. But really children only require the basics and they can grow up happy.  Here are ten things that are really super fun for them.

  1. Talk to them. No need to lecture, yell or give orders all of the time.  Talk about your childhood, dreams, your life, secrets etc. Just be you and share.
  2. Tuck them in bed. Read a story, sing a song, giggle, pray.
  3. Let them snuggle with you to watch a favorite tv show.  Share a soft blanket.
  4. Be involved in their life.  Keep up on their grades, ask them how they're feeling, highs and lows of the day.
  5. Play with them. Put down the phone and technology to play. Build a house, play dolls, cars, be silly.
  6. Let them play outside.
  7. Cook healthy and good meals. Include them in the cooking.
  8. Smile and tell them how happy you're to have them.
  9. Say I love you more than anything. 
  10. Discipline fairly and not physically.
  11. Hug them each morning and whenever they leave you.
  12. Dance together.
  13. Go on a spontaneous walk.  
  14. Be nice to others.
  15. Always let them know you value them because they have more value than anything else on Earth.
  16. Discover what they like to do, eat, think and dream.
  17. Live your life happily.
  18. Compliment them each day.
  19. Help them with homework.
  20. Do housework as a team.   

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