Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mommy walks on wheels

I've been giving talks about disabilities for as long as I can remember. But nothing has been more difficult than looking in my son's eyes and having to explain why mommy can't walk like everyone else.  Up until the age four, he has just accepted my cerebral palsy as natural as could be without a question or doubt. Instead of asking me why can't I walk, he would just try to command it - "Mommy, walk!"

I tried my normal dialogue that had worked with so many children.  Jason wasn't accepting it so it was time to be creative.  I thought about the things that Jason could relate to.  Right away I thought about cars because he has loved them since he was four months old. I explained that Mommy's brain is like an engine in a car except my engine operates differently than the rest. Mommy's engine tells the legs to move differently so mommy needs to walk on wheels.

Like a light bulb, Jason's face lit up with love and understanding.  He got it and was relaxed. Now he is open to talk about it more and ask questions.  I also crawl on the floor with my knees. Jason said, "Mommy's engine also says to walk on her knees!"

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