Hi! My name is Jessica Grono (Jessica McFarlane.). I am the author of this blog and have cerebral palsy. Enjoy!

I started my own web site back in 1998 after graduating college. I mainly did it to expand my knowledge and meet others.  Little did I know how many people were interested in my life and what I do.  So after I had Laura, I created the blog to keep people informed and entertained.

I have athetoid/spastic cerebral palsy. It all happened on the day that I was born when I didn't receive enough oxygen. My brain was injured leaving me with cerebral palsy.  Times were different in the seventies and I wasn't diagnosed with cerebral palsy until I was 4.  Doctors kept saying I was just slow developmentally.

My CP affects my whole body. I have involuntary movements, sometimes my muscle are stiff, and I have a speech impediment.  Since I've always had cerebral palsy, I adapted to it just fine. At home, I crawl around on the floor, type, work, dress and take care of my kids.

Why the floor? Growing up my parents didn't have a wheelchair accessible house. So either I sat in one spot or did something with my life and move. As it turned out, I have much better muscle control on the floor than sitting in a chair.  Granted I do have a motorized wheelchair for going out etc.

Despite physical limitations, I have a Bachelor of Science in Education, Ms. Wheelchair Pennsylvania, an author, writer, and teacher. I'm a wife and mother of two wonderful children. I like playing power chair hockey.  My team is Philadelphia PowerPlay. I also enjoy music, dancing, technology, travel,public speaking,dogs and living life to the fullest.

I hope you enjoy my blog!


  1. I do. It allows me to learn so much about my beautiful daughter-in-law, her life, before we met and CP.

  2. HI Jessica-
    I'd love to share your posts on, we're focusing on parenting in August. Check us out and you can see we're pulling information from tons of sources to make it easier for people to find content.
    What's the best way to reach you? Thanks!