About Us

Jeff and I met in November 2008. Jeff emailed me on MySpace, and I didn't respond immediately because I thought it was spam.  Luckily, I did respond!  We chatted online and went on our first date a few days later.

Six months later,Jeff proposed. Jeff was just what I needed even though I was skeptical. I became a pretty serious person dealing with a difficult marriage, a husband that committed suicide and being a single mom. Jeff was 29 and I was 33 back then. He was fun and carefree - I was by the book.

When we were dating, Jeff took me dancing nearly every weekend. He found the real Jessica in me and taught me that life wasn't all doom and gloom.

We had a ceremony June 26. 2010.  Jeff and I enjoy adventure, dancing, home improvements, music and family. We are with each other a lot and amazed we get along as we do. Jeff and I have been to Cancun, Mexico and Accapulco, Mexico. We took Laura to Florida twice, Virginia, the beach and more! We look forward to many more adventures and travels now as a family of 4!


  1. I have been asked to help a pregnant mom with cp and I would like to learn as much as I can. She is mostly wheelchair bound, but can get in and out of her chair on her own, although slowly. She is completely self-sufficient as far as personal care. Unfortunately, she will be a single mom with very little family support. I will do all that I can, but also have an infant of my own and babysit another so can't be there all the time. I know there have to be products and resources out there for her, but I would love some guidance. I'm reading all your posts now and am feeling better about her chances, but worried about her with no support.

  2. Sorry for the long response time, she is due in July, I believe.

    1. If she has good hand control, she should be ok. The nu ru pocket and baby Bjorn work wonders. Feeding might be hard but I feed on the floor the best.

  3. My daughter is scheduled for c section march 2014. she has cp and walks with one cane. any tips on carrying or transporting the baby around? she is only 20 and thinks it will be easy. i am looking now to see if i can take time off work to help her.

  4. I'm glad you found true love! Awesome!